Sleep and Eat Queenstown: Jucy Snooze and Miss Lucy’s Pizza Bar

Queenstown has an abundance of accommodation and foodie options that is only getting bigger now that Jucy Snooze and Miss Lucy’s pizza bar have officially opened their doors and instagrams!

Jucy has quickly become one of my favourite travel brands/experiences. From zipping around South Island New Zealand with my bestie late 2017 in a classic green and purple van to exploring the famous Great Barrier Reef from the comfort of the Penthouse ‘Campa’. Now, to have the opportunity to take a step back from van life to test out a whole new side to the company I love so much, is something I couldn’t pass up. Plus, whenever there is pizza involved, I am in!

Jucy Rentals Van Lake Tekapo

For all of my previous Jucy blog posts I would usually tell you to buckle up so we can get into the good stuff but I guess is more appropriate this time round to tell you to get checked in so we can jump into this real, honest and JUCYlicious review of the brand new Queenstown Jucy Snooze and Miss Lucy’s pizza bar.

What is Jucy Snooze?

The Jucy vehicles become like a game of spotto; once you start seeing one, you never stop seeing them.. EVERYWHERE.

Staying true to its well known and hard to miss colour scheme and message. Bright and fun loving experiences for bright and fun loving people! The newest creation from the well known car and camper van rentals brand is Jucy Snooze, the brand new hostel experience with a twist!

Where is Jucy Snooze?

Jucy Snooze is spreading across New Zealand, allowing you to Snooze in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown!

Queenstown Jucy Snooze only opening in April 2018. The brand new addition to the family can be found in the heart of the town.

47 Camp Street,
Queenstown, 9300

From Jucy themselves: “This adrenaline fuelled, picturesque town in the south of New Zealand is surrounded by soaring mountains with a deep blue glacial lake sat perfectly in the middle. The home of the legendary Fergburger, bungy jumping, jet boating, vineyards, vibrant bars, and award winning restaurants, experience it all from our brand spanking new accommodation!”

Accommodation options

The Japanese style pod dorm rooms in Jucy Snooze Queenstown hostel


Between 4 pod room and 8 pod room. The Japanese inspired capsules are perfect for a solo traveller or group of friends wanting to experience something a little different.

The room can be set up to socialise across each of the pods or with a quick pull on the blind, can be turned into your own private escape.

Each pod comes with:

  • Storage locker (under pod)
  • King Single Bed
  • Privacy blind
  • USB charging unit
  • Electronic socket
  • Storage net (built-in pod)
  • Fan
  • Light
  • Mirror
  • Free Wifi

All additional features, such as bathrooms and kitchen can be found outside of the rooms in the shared facilities.

Private Queen: no window

Couples or friends wanting a little more privacy than a single blind. The Queen rooms are another affordable option.

Queen Room: no window includes:

  • Queen Bed
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Free Wifi
  • Smart TV
  • Hairdryer

Private Queen: window

Still perfect for couples and friends wanting a little more privacy but also wanting to make the most of the Jucy Snooze location. Enjoy breathtaking views from your cosy queen bed.

Queen Room: window includes:

  • Queen Bed
  • Window
  • Epic Queenstown view
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Free Wifi
  • Smart TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Mood lighting
  • Charging outlets

Private Queen: balcony

Still want that privacy but want to treat yourself to a little luxury. The Private Queen with Balcony is calling your name.

Really making the most of the views while providing an open and fresh feel.

Giving you a little more space the balcony is your personal getaway to observe the town and its surrounds.

Queen Room Balcony includes:

  • Queen Bed
  • Balcony
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Free Wifi
  • Smart TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Charging outlets


Scared of the pods but still want to have a room of 4 the Quad is what you are looking for.

The Quad includes:

  • 1 bunk bed
  • 1 queen bed
  • Free Wifi
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Smart TV
  • Air conditioning
  • charging outlets


Want a bit more privacy not only from strangers but also from your mate without the extra price tag. The twin is for you!

With two single beds it allows you to be with your mates but have your own space.

The Twin includes:

  • Free Wifi
  • Two Single beds
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Charging outlets

Extra Facilities

Travel desk

Having trouble deciding how to make the most of your time in Queentown? All you have to do is go downstairs to the travel desk.

With friendly staff offering their advice and experiences to ensure you have the best time in and outside of Jucy Snooze. They can help you pick the tours and activities best suited to your wants and needs. before you know it you will be on a giant canyon swing or jetting around the Shotover river!

Communal kitchenette

Although Queenstown is not short on food choices, it is nice to have the option to cook for yourself in the communal kitchenette.

Whether you are on a budget and are on a strict diet of two minute noodles and toast or just want to make yourself a coffee. As long as you bring the food to cook Jucy Snooze has what you need to cook it.

24hr reception

Whether you are having trouble checking in or simply want to check out. Maybe, you are having a problem working your locker or want to book an airport shuttle. Reception are always there to help.

Express check in via kiosks

More and more places are taking on the self service kiosks from supermarkets to airports. With Jucy Snooze joining the party you can now check yourself in with a few quick touches of a screen. Cutting down on check in wait lines and providing a more efficient experience.

Free Wifi

The most important thing. How would we ever live without it!?

Rooftop lounge

Polenta chips in Miss Lucys Pizza Bar above Jucy Snooze Queenstown

Besides the communal kitchenette, the rooftop lounge is the ideal place to hang out and catch up with friends.

Connected to Miss Lucy’s Pizza bar on the rooftop (duh) this spacious hang out is ideal to get some work done during the day and party at night.

Luggage storage

Check in/out times and flights don’t always line up so there is luggage storage available upon request.

No one wants to be dragging their luggage through the long lines of Fergburger and certainly not when trying to bungy. All you need to do is ask reception and it is one less thing you have to worry about.

Laundry facilities

Travelling can get smelly. Wearing the same clothes over and over while doing crazy activities or if you’re like me spill anything you eat somewhere on your outfit. Lucky for you, you don’t have far to get your dirty clothes feeling fresh again.

For a small fee per load you can tackle your pesky laundry just below your room and get on with the adventures!

Rooftop cafe and bar

Miss Lucy’s Pizza Bar. Just keep reading.. you’re almost there!

My experience at Jucy Snooze

Checking in

After being stuck in cars, planes and buses all day I couldn’t have been more ready to check into Jucy Snooze for a Snooze.

Upon arrival we were greeted with big smiles and two self service check in machines; perfect for us socially anxious folk. As I had a million questions, most of which were about food, I made my way straight to that friendly face behind the desk.

Quick, easy and all my questions were answered, plus more. We were ready to get our Snooze on.

Do you even lift?

It’s hard to get lost in Jucy with the playful directions and signage spread throughout. Just back from check in, we found ourselves ourselves drawn to the “do you even lift” sign on the floor outside the elevator. Jucy really know what their target market (millennials) want!

Unfortunately, this particular day the only thing we were ‘lifting’ was our our luggage.

My bad luck continues with the lift being down the day we arrived. In no way was this Jucy’s fault and I dont think a hotel should be punished for a unlucky and out of control issue like this.

As Jucy always do, if there is a problem, they always provide a solution. While the elevator was being worked on we had one of the staff offer to carry our luggage up the stairs for us. Before we knew everything was up and running with no problem at all.

My Queen Private Room

With one swipe of the room key we were in our private queen room with ensuite. Oh, and I can’t forget about an incredible view!

It may look a little small upon first look but with large amounts of luggage storage under the bed and even a mini wardrobe at the door there was more than enough room for two girls who had certainly overpacked haha.

The cosy bed was perfectly nuzzled into the back corner of the room allowing you to make the most of the sweeping mountain views. Each day everything outside the big, beautiful window felt like it was working just for us. From the moment the Skyline gondola started its rounds to the hang gliders floating down before our eyes, every moment felt special. I struggle getting out of the bed in the morning usually but with that view it seemed impossible.

The super clean bathroom, again, made the most of the room it had. Plenty of hanging space and a brilliant shower that I was excited to jump into everyday to defrost from being outside in the NZ winter.

The Jucy Snooze Pods

Although I didn’t stay in the pods this time round I did run into a few friends along that way that did. Both the 4 person pod room with a giant window and the 8 person pod room tucked away in the building.

I have stayed in hostel dorms before but nothing comes close to how funky these pods are. It does feel like you are in a space ship as you step inside.

Each king single pod felt almost as big as our private queen room. All kitted out with a built in touch remote to control the lights, charging outlets and fan. It doesn’t stop there with a storage net, mirror, privacy blind and a large locked for all of your valuables hidden below.

Getting around town

As mentioned above, the brand new Jucy Snooze is located in the heart of Queenstown.

Queenstown Swing by the Lake in Winter

There may be cheap paid parking across the road but if you are staying here you really do not need a car. Everything you need and more is all in walking distance. In saying that, all of the shuttles, buses and taxis can be found directly across the road from the main entry for the extra bits and pieces you can’t/probably don’t want to walk to.

-Is it time for pizza yet?

Yeah, yeah. We are getting there!

What is Miss Lucy’s Pizza bar

You know I could talk all day about pizza so let Jucy explain.

“After a bite to eat following an epic day up the mountain? Look no further than Miss Lucy’s, JUCY Snooze’s very own rooftop pizzeria and bar in the heart of Queenstown! Serving up tasty wood-fired pizzas, salads, and everything in-between, Miss Lucy’s is sure to please. Complete with NZ beers on tap and local wine, it’s the place to be for an afternoon drink, a bite to eat, chilling out with your new mates or skyping the crew back home!” – Jucy Snooze Queenstown

Miss Lucy''s Pizza bar outdoor area with Queenstown view Skyline Gondola

Or if that hasn’t grabbed your attention why not take Lucy’s word for it.

“The latest addition to the Queenstown food scene, Miss Lucy’s is a rooftop bar & pizzeria located in the heart of town. Connoisseurs of woodfired pizzas, jalapeno poppers and everything in between, Miss Lucy’s is your next spot for a tipple or a nibble!”- Miss Lucy

Where is it?

Briefly explained above, Miss Lucy’s can be found on the 4th floor of the Queenstown Jucy Snooze. With both indoor and outdoor space once of the rooftop and the best views from all of the Jucy Snooze you can’t go wrong.

47 Camp Street,
Queenstown, 9300

When is it open?

Open 7 days


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Party, Repeat. You will never want to leave.

The food menu

Click here for the full menu here!

Or here!

Check out Miss Lucys Instagram for cool pics of cool stuff from the menu here!

Would you like a drink?

Hot drinks, cold drinks, beer and cider on tap, beer bottles, white wine, red wine, rose, bubble, how about a cocktail? So much to choose from and all of them are good choices!

The full drink menu can be found above.

Overall wrap up

Jucy Snooze wrap up

As one of my favourite places in the world I am always trying to plan my return Queenstown but with Jucy Snooze and Miss Lucy’s Pizza bar now open I am even more excited to get back.

Going into this trip I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I had only ever experienced the transport side of Jucy. I know I use this word a lot but I truly was excited seeing Snooze for the first time. Especially as I had seen it under construction almost a year ago on my previous trip to Queenstown. Then to see it come to life was, well, exciting!

Room Wrap up

I loved my extremely clean Queen Room with a window I spent most of my stay daydreaming out of but I do wish I had taken on the challenge of a pod. Then again, I really do appreciate the convenience of having my own bathroom. Either way, looks like I will have to go back! .

Speaking of the pods I did get to explore them a little with a few friends travelling through the Snooze at the same time. I touched on it above with one being a 4 person pod room with window and the other being and 8 pod room.

Each of the pods were all the same and all as awesome as each other but I do have to warn you that the rooms without windows can get a little stuffy. There is air conditioning and fans built into the pods themselves but with 8 people in one room it is bound to happen.

With the unbeatable location I highly recommend a room with a window. Even though Queenstown is an amazing place to wander the streets of, being able to still observe the city and surrounds while inside makes you feel like you are still making every moment count.

Facilities and staff wrap up

While on the topic of having friends travelling through it was a little hard to catch up in a communal space during certain times of the day. Due to the success of Miss Lucy’s Pizza bar the rooftop chill out zone does often get over run and very busy especially at night time when the bar takes over. This is something to keep in mind if you are wanting more communal space.

No matter what, the staff all went above and beyond. Always with a big smile and positive attitude making it a very pleasant stay.

Miss Lucy’s Wrap Up

Although there is plenty to explore in Queenstown, you won’t have to go far at all for a good feed and a few beverages thanks to Miss Lucy’s. On my last trip I pizza crawled my way around town and I was so ready to add another pizzeria to my list.

Its mix of indoor/outdoor space and vibrant colours and patterns made me so happy. I did love sitting on the outdoor balcony watching the world go by but inside was so toasty, I didn’t want to move from any comfy seat I sat on (and I sat on a lot of seats trying to get some good pics for you! you’re welcome haha).

The Food

None of us really care about seating when your focused on the diverse menu with a bit of everything for everyone. I had a pepperoni pizza as well as the special vegan pizza of the day and my mouth is watering just thinking about it again. I really had to hold back the urge of wanting to eat here every night because it was so delicious.

Always so distracted by pizza but I can’t forget to mention taste testing their fresh polenta chips. I had never eaten polenta chips in my life so I don’t have anything to compare them to but lets just say I would eat them again and again and again.

Last but not least

Overall, It is easy to see that Jucy have put a lot of time and effort into this and in my own opinion I believe it certainly paid of!

Thankyou again to Jucy, Jucy Snooze and Miss Lucy’s Pizza Bar for another unforgettable experience.

Are you more of a private room person or would you take on the pods?



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