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I’m that friend you send a reel to saying “we should go here” and one day later I’ll have the whole thing booked.

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Crazy Donut Lady, Queen of Camera Confidence even named as ‘The Realest Travel Blogger in Australia’, yet my creator journey goes far beyond blogging and even further beyond Australia.

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Showcasing unique and underrated travel experiences even in the most popular destinations around the world and all of the adventures, mishaps and donuts along the way.

7 Pro Tips for Better Travel Photos

Tiny Little Donuts Franklin Tennessee America

Worldwide Donut Guide : Tiny Little Donuts.

Tituro Eco Lodge Local village Solomon Islands Rendova Islands

Why you should visit the Solomon Islands.

Uncover the Solomon Islands: where azure waters meet lush rainforests. Dive into pristine spots, immerse in vibrant cultures. Your next unforgettable adventure awaits!

say cheese!

These are your Camera Confidence Chronicles; an embarrassingly realistic, fun and judgement-free guide to getting confidence in front, behind and beyond the lens.

12 poses to stand out on Instagram

I haven’t always been super confident on camera, but once I realised that having fun and being myself was more important than looking a bit weird sometimes my photos started looking better and other people liked them so much more