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Write for Wandering Donut

There are a million donut/doughnut shops around the World and as much as I wish I could test them all out myself, I need your help to find the best!

So, if you have a local favourite or maybe stumbled across the dreamiest donut on your travels that you would be excited to share me with and the rest of the world, I want to hear from you.

Whether it is about the most Instagrammable circle of doughnutty goodness you have ever seen or any traditional version of donuts that may not look like the standard American style offering, I WANT IT ALL. Things like Peruvian Picarones or Mexican Churros, you get the idea… and now I want churros!

Please Email Me with your suggestion before sending the full post:

Here is what I need from you

  • Check out some of the post links in the sidebar to get a feel for the info needed.

  • Obviously I need to know the name of the place.

  • A bit of background info like when they opened or if they have a unique origin story.

  • Where they are. More than just the name of the city please, donut lovers like me want to be able to find this place in the quickest possible time when we get to this town.

  • Tell me about their donuts.
    – what makes them great?
    – do they have one that is particularly well known/famous?
    (I suggest asking the staff what their go-to is when you are ordering)
    – what are your favourites and why do you love them?
    – do they offer special deals?

  • Do you have any extra Fun Facts about the store or the owners?

  • A short bio to go in an Author’s Box for the post including a photo (600px square) and link to one social media platform.

    • A minimum of four quality photos preferably showing:
      – the store (inside and out)
      – a range of their donuts
      – your favourite, with or without you devouring it. (Because I know from personal experience how hard it can be to pose for a donut shot and not take at least one bite)
      – photos should be 1000px wide

What you get in return

  • One do-follow link to your blog homepage or to a post of your choice. If you do not have a blog we can discuss what else you would prefer to link to.

  • An Author’s Box on the post for your bio and social media link.
    For this I will need:
    – A photo of you
    – a short description about who you are, what you do, and where you are from.
    – Your two best social media links

  • Exposure across my platforms as I will be sharing these posts across my own Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram stories.

I can’t wait to see your donuts!

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