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Schoolies- Trip of a Lifetime

At some point in your life high school life in Australia you will be introduced to the right of passage called ‘schoolies’.

For those of you who are either not Australian or have been living under a rock, let me explain…

Schoolies is the Australian equivalent to what Spring break is to many American college students; party, party and party!
However, schoolies is a giant celebration for all the year 12’s who have completed High School that particular year and is rapidly evolving into something much bigger.

Photo credit: Unleashed Travel

Photo credit: Unleashed Travel

High School graduates travel far and wide for 1-3 weeks of nothing but fun.

I introduce you to this now as a recent High School graduate ready to take on schoolies 2015, inviting all of you to share this experience with me.

Australia’s Gold Coast is the ultimate schoolies party destination. With the theme parks close by, beach festivals and the wild nightlife, thousands of excited students flock to this beautiful part of Queensland every year to celebrate, but that is only one option.

Unleashed Travel is Australia’s leading schoolies provider, supplying thousands of students across Australia each year with the best time of their life to their growing list of destinations:

  • Fiji- Similar to the Gold Coast, Fiji is one of Unleashed big party destinations but following the Fijian lifestyle there is also plenty of time to relax by the beach and the pool. With entire islands hired out just for this 3 week event, it is easy to adapt yourself into the world of schoolies. One of the highlights of this tour is the optional day trip to a Fijian school where you are able to interact with the children as all of the donated and new sporting equipment is delivered to them as part of the ‘Spirit of Sharing Program’.
  • Vanuatu- All 130 spaces on Vanuatu’s Hideaway Island Resort or booked out for a relaxing yet adventurous week for schoolies. Unleashed havn’t left out the party for this destination though, with International DJ’s pumping tunes all week long. Optional extra day trips and tours can be purchased with the package to some of Vanuatu’s most famous and breathtaking locations and activities taking the trip to the next level.
    Vanuatu Schoolies- Photo credit: Unleashed Travel

    Vanuatu Schoolies- Photo credit: Unleashed Travel

  • Cambodia- The Cambodia Orphanage Grad Trip is unlike all of the other destinations, allowing students to experience a totally different world and volunteer within this orphanage and really make a difference.
Cambodia Schoolies- photo credit: Unleashed Travel

Cambodia Schoolies- photo credit: Unleashed Travel

You might not believe me when I say it keeps getting better as Unleashed Travel, for the FIRST TIME EVER are taking over a Topdeck tour in EUROPE.

That’s right, EUROPE!

10 countries, 21 days

10 countries, 21 days

Although all of my friends are all set and ready to take off to Queensland and Fiji, as an addict to wanderlust, I couldn’t pass by the opportunity to head off to Europe and could not be any more excited to meet the people (especially some sexy European boys), eat the food and celebrate the completion of 13 years of schooling!

Are you ready for Europe? I AM! - Photo credit: Unleashed Travel

Are you ready for Europe? I AM! – Photo credit: Unleashed Travel

I will be keeping you all regularly updated throughout this experience, inviting you to join me and Unleashed Travel on this ‘Trip of a Lifetime’!

Let’s celebrate together!

Countdown: 58 days

For more information head over to the Unleashed Travel website:


For those of you specifically interested in the Europe Grad Trip the link is below:




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  2. LeeAnne Georgia November 9, 2015 at 7:19 am - Reply

    That is so cool that schoolies is a regular thing that high schoolers do after graduation. There isn’t anything like the in the United States, and even though there are spring break opportunities that people can take while in university, any other those trips are things you book on your own and aren’t set up through certain organizations like you guys have through Unleashed Travel!

    • Dana Williamson November 9, 2015 at 9:56 am - Reply

      It is something we look forward to for years! It is always important to celebrate especially for something as big as finishing 13 years of schooling. I know a lot of my american friends still dont really understand the concept of schoolies when I mention it but in saying that there is also a lot i dont know or understand about the american schooling system and celebrations.

  3. Ray June 24, 2016 at 10:51 am - Reply

    Canada doesn’t have a “Schoolies” event, either, like our counterparts to the South of us. Maybe a Grad trip to Florida, Mexico or the Dominican Republic of your school has enough students to justify the costs. But, that’s about it. Good call on going to Europe, though! Since you live in Australia, you have plenty of time and the convenience of going to Vanuatu, Fiji or Cambodia anytime you want!

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