Europe Schoolies: Pre tour excitement

Europe is known for many things to many different people but for me and well, for you too in one month Europe will be the home to our trip of a lifetime with Unleashed travel!

Most of you are already aware of what this trip of a lifetime is from my first ‘schoolies’ post but for those of you who have no idea what i am going on about you may want to check this out.



You must be a tad confused thinking, “why is she already posting about the tour, surely she has nothing to say, i mean, she hasn’t even left the country yet?”. But do not worry, I always have something to say especially when it comes to experiences as extraordinary as this.

With this much excitement I can not keep it to myself and needed to share it with you through a quick list of the main contributors to me excitement for Unleashed Travel’s 2015 Europe Schoolies Tour.

Let’s start off with the most obvious cause being, WE ARE GOING TO EUROPE!

For many Europe is a place they could only ever dream of especially for us Australians who literally love on the opposite side of the world.

I must admit, I have had the pleasure of having a tiny taste of Europe previously, however, this does not make it any less exciting and I already know it will be an extremely different experience to my first visit which brings me to my next point…


This point is not even limited to the incredible people we will be meeting on the tour; our travel companions. The people we will meet, whether they are locals, other tourists or even the Queen herself, I am so unbelievably excited to grow, learn and party with them all.

You have to remember that sometimes it’s not all about the places you go and the things you experience, but the people you are there with and who share these experiences with you.

We may even run into Will and Kate.
We may even run into Will and Kate.

Although, after saying that i do have a couple of places and experiences I would like to mention.

As someone who has grown up on the coast of Australia, any sight of snow is considered rare and special, so when i even think of the SWISS ALPS I almost pass out from the excitement.

Thankyou google images for this picture
Thankyou google images for this picture

The tour goes above and beyond and offers the most exceptional options i have ever seen.

-Jungfrau railway: “Ride the historic Jungfraubahn railway to the highest station in Europe, which sits atop the Jungfrau Mountain”


-Skydiving: ” At over 12000ft high it’s nicknamed, the ‘Roof of Europe’. For those who think that being 12000ft high whilst having your feet on the ground is too boring – why not throw yourself out of a helicopter instead?! An optional (weather permitting) tandem skydive over the Swiss Alps is truly memorable.”


-Helicopter ride: This is pretty much the same as the skydiving…. without the skydiving.

At least one of those options surely makes you too feel like passing out from excitement, if not maybe this next option is more your style.

As i am a year younger than most of my friends and me year/grade at school I am automatically up for the position of being the designated driver for all of my ’18 and legal’ friends as they make their way into town for a night and sometimes even a weekend full of clubbing/partying.

Of course this makes me extremely curious and there is a part of me that wants my birthday to hurry up so i can experience i for myself, not so much the excessive alcohol intake but the ‘basic’ experience.

Once again, unleashed has made a miracle happen and could quite possibly be curing my curiosity for this with the BERLIN PUB CRAWL even before my birthday finally makes an appearance.

Come on, it wouldn’t be schoolies without a little partying!

If I don’t stop now I will be listing the whole of the tour before Concluding this post but I am handing it all over to you to choose your own list of Europe Schoolies excitement from the Unleashed travel website linked below:

Is it the food, the people, the places, the experiences or something elses? Please feel free to share your excitement with me and Unleashed travel whether it is in the comments below or on any of our social media channels linked here:



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EUROPE COUNTDOWN: 29 days!!!!!!


For more information check out:

Europe Tour


  1. You should totally do vlogs i think heaps of people would like watching that kind of thing, im thinking of doing vlogs for gold coast schoolies (less interesting than overseas but still)

  2. I have to agree that Vlogs can help tell your story. But, I only think those are effective when it involves telling more high action adventure stories, like the Berlin pub crawl, sky diving or a helicopter ride. Usually it is more difficult to capture great photos for what you are seeing. And sometimes videos paint a clearer picture of your experience that still photos ever would!


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