Celebrations happen everyday, all around the world and this week in New South Wales, Australia along with thousands of other students it was our turn to celebrate!

Jumping for joy because i never have to wear this uncomfortable uniform again

Jumping for joy because I never have to wear this uncomfortable uniform again


We have spent hundreds of weeks in school, some better than others, but in my final week of High School I had one of the best weeks of my life.


Many of you may think this is because I am finally free from the stress and drama that High School brings (this may be part of the reason but I still have my exams to do so the stress is still latching on for a little longer) but the real reason this particular week was so incredible was because I was surrounded by the most amazing people who are all on this journey with me.


We laughed together, we cried together and we graduated together.


Now, sit down and brace yourselves because I am about to take you on the emotional roller coaster that was the last week of High School.


I should probably mention now that the first three days of this week were all dress up days with a particular theme so prepare yourself to see some pretty brilliant costumes and photos!


Mexican Monday finally arrived and the fiesta began!

I had my Frida Kahlo eyebrows drawn on and I was ready.
In fact, all the girls in my art class had their Frida Kahlo eyebrows on and were all ready! (If you have no idea who Frida Kahlo is, i suggest you google her, otherwise you will be very confused as you view my photos)


The Frida’s were not the only ones who turned up for Mexican Monday,  we also had some tacos and even a bottle of tequila! (I should make it clear that I am talking about costumes!)


The morning began with a barbecue breakfast provided by the teachers and soon lead us into lunch where we were selling cakes to the juniors of the school while playing mexican music. There may have been some dancing involved too.


Mexican Monday came to a close with the spring heat melting my eyebrows and an afternoon siesta.

It should also be noted that not much actual school work was done this week.


Movie/TV Tuesday had arrived.

Mexican Monday may have been over by it was still in my heart and stuck with me through the day as I transformed into Dora the Explorer.


I pinned my hair to make it seem like I had the perfect Dora fringe and hair and even made my Mum, friends and teachers freak out because they thought I had cut it with scissors. But no, my hair was still attached to my head and Movie/TV Tuesday was well under way.


Although, no one actually watched any movies or TV shows, characters such as Princess Fiona from Shrek, The Cat in the Hat and Alvin and The Chipmunks made appearances.


My last english lesson ever was not spent revising for exams or practicing essays, instead it was spent playing children’s party games and eating cake. Imagine a whole bunch of 17-18 year olds dressed as movie characters running around a classroom playing musical chairs (you might be surprised that the older you get, the more intense and competitive these fun and ‘childish’ games become).


English was over as well as my last ever day at TAFE (for those of you who do not know what TAFE is, I suggest you google it because I am hopeless when it comes to definitions).


I left feeling full with pizza, certified in Tourism and to be honest, pretty sad.


Gender Bender Wednesday (sorry that it doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it as the other days)

Before going to school I took a quick detour to the shops to get some ‘muck up day’ (or ‘Activity afternoon’ as the school decided would be more approriate) supplies. This may seem normal but at these stage I had my furry moustache on and was looking like a pretty handsome man. Lets just say, I got a few weird looks while I was out, but no where near as weird as some of the looks that were shared between everyone while at school.


Never have I seen so many glowing white and hairy legs coming out from skirts and dresses. It was definitely a sight that is permanently implanted within my mind.


The school had taken away our usual muck up day shenanigans which would usually included some vandalism of the school and mild harassment of students and teachers (in a fun way though) so, we drove our cars into the school and parked down on the back oval setting up with some speakers, lounges, food, beverages and a couple of hundred water balloons.


The water fight somehow managed to be stretched out for hours, whether you wanted to be apart of it or not, you were strayed with water at least once throughout the day.


A couple of hours passed and the dresses were soon swapped over for shorts and the moustaches were removed, but this was not the end of our muck up day.


We were denied a jumping castle and a giant slide’n’slide but bumper ball was approved and we were ready! As stated earlier i am horrible with definitions so I am not going to try to explain bumper ball, instead I leave you with the picture that will explain everything.

The Last Day.

The dress up days were complete and the school uniform was back on for one final time.


Signing each other shirts, leaving some beautiful yet strange messages before we were all called to what would be our last ever assembly. We stood in front of the entire school (we would have been sitting but the rain decided it would also like to be there to clap us out), confetti flew into the air as we made our way past each year group, saying goodbye to the people and the place that we have known so well for the past 6 years.


But we were not leaving without a few final dances!


We returned later that night and we laughed together, we cried together and we graduated together.