Starting to wander as the wandering donut

We all have ideas and dreams that linger in our mind. For some people these dreams become realities overnight, for others an idea may disappear or be replaced by another, but for most, these ideas and dreams take a whole lot of time, determination and energy to make a reality.

For me, the idea of a travel blog went through almost every possible stage within my mind; from disappearing for a while to doing everything I can to get it up and running, and here it is!

Although the process may have and will continue to be a little slower than expected due to my inconvenient study schedule and booming social life (okay, ‘booming’ may be an exaggeration but life can get pretty busy), I am more than happy to introduce you all to the Wandering Donut.

The Wandering Donut to me is a way to share my experiences and allow you to grow with me as a traveller, travel writer and as a person.

Wander with me as the Wandering Donut


Wandering Donut


  1. Welcome to the wonderful (and sometimes incredibly frustrating, but still wonderful) world of travel blogging! Your site looks great. Congratulations on finally making the leap and getting things started. You’re in for a crazy ride.


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